SAVE—Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Can you guess who we are?

Can you guess what we're doing?

Can you guess where we're doing it?

And who took the photo?

Enter your answers in the comments section. Surely a prize will follow!


    1. Yes, but…

      You're DEFINITELY not eligible, especially if you got here from an Admin menu. Barbara Molloy found it first, amazingly, but even she doesn't count.

  1. Secret Page (?too)

    Well, I'm sure that these are our beloved members of the Board. As to what they are doing and where, I'm going to have to just make stuff up. I'll say they're in the Conservatory with Mrs. Peacock making confetti to celebrate the new website.

    1. Congratulations!

      You're as close as any eligible person has come! It's the Webteam in the Library with a ream of sticky notes. (We're laying out the site map.) Yes, 5 of the 7 webteam members are also Board members. Cathy and I are in there, too.

      If I can think of a prize for you, we'll send it. Perhaps a Post-It Note dispenser…?


  2. Love seeing this photo!!

    I am grateful that we have this photo!  It was such a good day, gathering the most useful and exciting content we could imagine (then) after years of dreaming and lists.  

    Our process involved singing, of course, laughter, and good food we each brought to share as we warmed up.  Ellen found and brought the brilliant process of organizing we used that she thought might work well for sharing our ideas:

    In prayerful silence we each wrote sticky notes for every cherished detail and possibility we could think of, responding to careful questions spoken by Ellen.  

    We each wrote down notes for all that we considered important, from our varying perspectives:  dozens and dozens of sticky notes appeared in front of us on the table, like who we serve and hope to reach, what is public info and what is for singers, all the admin needs we hoped to cover, and all the dreams we want to support.

    Then we all stood up, and circled the ten foot table slowly, still in silence, moving the notes into categories, concepts and topics that emerged in collaboration. For about 30 minutes we silently circled, clustering and re-clustering notes, refining how each best related to the others.

    When we felt complete, we savored our work laid out there, sang a couple more songs and gathered up to return to our far flung homes.

    Ellen and Cathy took home photos of the completed cluster map on the table, and tall stacks of our sticky notes carefully arranged to travel safely and become the first stage of our site map.

    It is fun to see this photo on our new website!!

    with love and much gratitude,  Kelsey

    1. How I Found It

      Once I knew that a "secret page" existed, I simply moved the cursor over things I thought looked interesting until I saw the telltale hand pop up. In fact, this graphic was the first such item I tried. That's why I wasn't sure whether I'd actually found the "secret page" — it didn't seem "secret" enough. Very fun!

  3. Guess Who
    This is a mental improvement club. They’re playing the game, match two images and you get a point. They are playing in a senior center, and the photo was taken by the security camera.
    hardy hardy har!

    1. Aha–brain fitness!

      Yes, you nailed it. Security cameras caught us trying to re-stack sticky notes back into pads so we could box them and sell them as brain-fitness puzzles. Fortunately, Cathy and I were hidden in the photo, so we avoided being charged with extremely petty theft and obstruction of chaos, though it was touch and go on the cell-phone charge.

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