Using the Threshold Choir Logo

Using the Threshold Choir Logo

In 2012, we celebrated our fantastic new logo that helps mark the changes in the life of this organization. While our prior logo had served us well for the first ten years of growth, we hope that our new logo will take us well into the future.

The Identity Workgroup was charged with creating a logo that would express the evanescent and yet very real qualities of the Threshold Choir. They worked closely with the creative team of the non-profit Joey’s Corner (, part of the premiere design firm Michael Osborne Design ( The calligrapher was the award-winning artist and illustrator, Georgia Deever. All donated time or worked at greatly reduced fees to support our work with this beautiful design.

Please feel invited to use our logo—exactly as it is. It is your choice to use it or not. The logo is the official, trademarked symbol of the Threshold Choir. You must not alter it.

With so many different local choir names, we are striving to appear unified without being uniform. Hence the main logo remains constant, with varying local names in text. In the style guide, there are suggestions on how to use it if you call your group Threshold Singers or some slightly different name. The text would be added below, as on the business card.

It is also fine for your choir to have its own logo; you may include the main Threshold Choir logo, too, on your publicity materials if you like.

We ask your cooperation in using our precious name and logo in accord with these guidelines.

Guidelines and Templates

The Threshold Choir Style Guide contains the color and font specifications for our “look” and describes proper logo usage. Download it HERE (PDF).

Here are some handy templates that use the Threshold Choir logo:

  • Name tags—See this page for ordering a plastic name tag or printing paper name tags with the logo.
  • Business cards—For individual or chapter business cards, you can find detailed instructions and templates on this page. We suggest that you personalize the card with your chapter name, contact information, and website (instead of an individual person’s name) so you can order them in bulk for all chapter members to hand out.
  • Check this page under “Publicity” for other templates that use the logo.

The Willow paper, card stock, and envelopes mentioned in the style guide are no longer available. You can use any high-quality white stock you wish.

Logo Files

The Threshold Choir logo is available in various formats and sizes:

  • In GIF format (white background), and can be resized, as needed
  • In PNG format (transparent background)

Dingbats are small, logo-related designs used as decorative symbols. We have two dingbats. Both are available in GIF and JPG formats: