In The Media

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Of the many occasions when the Threshold Choir has been featured in the media, these selections have especially captured the essence of what we do.

Video and Audio Interviews

The Washington Post Video

May 2018

"'Dying is a part of living': Threshold choir visits hospice patients" (2:54 minutes)

PBS Video

December 2016

"The Threshold Choir" (6:33 minutes)

KQED Video

June 2016

"Threshold Choir Brings Songs of Comfort to the Dying" by Rachel Berger (6 minutes)

NPR Weekend Edition

August 2014

"At Life's Last Threshold, Choir Brings Comfort" by Emily Siner (5 minutes)

NPR All Things Considered

December 2013

"Threshold Choir Sings to Comfort the Terminally Ill", an interview with Kate Munger, founder of the Threshold Choir, by Arun Rath (4 minutes)

Death: the podcast

August 2016

"The Gift of Song", an interview with Annie Garretson and Sally Rothstein of the Pikes Peak Threshold Singers (34 minutes)

Well Talk Radio Interview

July 2016

Interview with Susan Randazzo, Charlotte Russell, and Suzanne Buell of the Threshold Singers of Indian Hill Music (30 minutes)

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"6 Stories That Will Inspire You to Give Back This Holiday Season: A Final Note"
by Julia Scheeres,The Oprah Magazine, November 2018

"When someone hovers at the edge of death, these singers step in to ease the passage"
by Debra Bruno,The Washington Post, May 2018

"This Choir Sings to People On the Verge of Dying, and It's Just Beautiful"
by Amy Paturel in Reader's Digest, March 2016

"Threshold Choir: A Legacy of Healing and Peace"
by Lynn Pribus in, June 2014

"Choirs support and comfort those at life's thresholds"
by Sharon Sheridan in Episcopal News Service, December 2013

"Singing at the Threshold"
by Kelsey Menehan in The Voice, Spring 2013

"A Choir Rehearsal That Grew into Two"
by Karen B. Kaplan in offbeatcompassion (blog), July 2013

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About Local Chapters

"The choir that sings for the dying"
Crosscut (Seattle, Washington)
November 22, 2017
More information about Seattle Threshold Singers

Video about Moray Threshold Choir (8 minutes)
Winter 2017
More information about Moray Threshold Choir

"Philadelphia Threshold Singers bring a gift of song to the dying" (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
December 21, 2016
More information about Philadelphia Threshold Singers

"Threshold Choir sings to sick and dying"
Napa Valley Register (Napa County, California)
December 26, 2015
More information about Napa Valley Threshold Choir

"An act of presence: Threshold Singers bring songs of comfort and healing [PDF]"
Harvard Press (Harvard, Massachusetts)
October 21, 2015
More information about Threshold Singers of Indian Hill Music

"Sounds of Angels [PDF]"
Hospice Matters (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
Winter 2014
More information about Pikes Peak Threshold Singers