Chapters By Year

Napa Valley Threshold Choir
Photo courtesy of Christophe Genty Photography,

Photo courtesy of Christophe Genty Photography,

Kate Munger started the first Threshold Choir, the East Bay (California) chapter, on March 21, 2000. Since then, the organization has grown as singers have found each other and formed chapters in cities across North America and beyond.

If you are a singer in or near Kingston NY, Brookfield CT, Malone WI, Shepherdstown WV, Keaau HI, Columbia MO, Boca Raton FL, Bangalore (India), Woodbury CT, Sale VIC (Australia), Apache Junction AZ, the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles CA), York (UK), Tecate BCN (Mexico), Todos Santos BCS (Mexico), or New Denver BC (Canada), contact us and we'll connect you with interested parties in those areas.

Here is a list of Threshold Choir chapters in order of the year they were founded.


Twin Cities Threshold Singers
(St. Paul, MN, US)
South Seattle Threshold Singers
(Seattle, WA, US)
(Cherry Hill, NJ, US)
Gentle Voices TS
(Leesburg, FL, US)
Westerly Threshold Singers
(Westerly, RI, US)
(Antigua, Guatemala)


(Cameron Park, CA, US)
Casco Bay Threshold Singers
(North Yarmouth, ME, US)
(Iowa City, IA, US)
Ballina Threshold Singers
(Ballina, Australia)


(Libertyville, IL, US)
Haven Threshold Choir
(Bellingham, WA, US)
(Wageningen, Netherlands)
Stockholm Bedside Singers
(Stockholm, Sweden)
Providence Threshold Singers
(Providence, RI, US)
Heart of Oregon Threshold Singers
(Bend, OR, US)
Rockbridge Area Threshold Singers
(Lexington, VA, US)
Crystal Lake Threshold Singers
(Beulah, MI, US)


Sutter Care at Home Threshold Singers
(San Francisco, CA, US)
Crestone Threshold Singers
(Crestone, CO, US)
Columbia Gorge Threshold Singers
(Hood River, OR, US)
Stillwater Hospice Threshold Singers
(Fort Wayne, IN, US)
(South Brent, United Kingdom)
Threshold Singers of Wake County
(Raleigh, NC, US)
(Nampa, ID, US)
Greater Lafayette Threshold Singers
(West Lafayette, IN, US)
(Oak Ridge, TN, US)
(Worland, WY, US)
Oaxaca Canta
(Oaxaca, Mexico)
(Hot Springs, AR, US)
Gunnison Valley Threshold Singers
(Crested Butte, CO, US)
(San Antonio, TX, US)


(Fort Collins, CO, US)
Voices of Compassion TC
(Edmonton, Canada)
Song of the Mountain TS
(Colorado Springs, CO, US)
(Salt Lake City, UT, US)
Toronto Threshold Singers
(Toronto, Canada)
Sail On Singers
(Marquette, MI, US)
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
(Modesto, CA, US)
(Nelson, Canada)
(Whippany, NJ, US)
(Reno, NV, US)
(Riverside, CA, US)
Sheffield Threshold Singers
(Sheffield, United Kingdom)


Pure Joy Threshold Singers
(Campbell River, Canada)
(Asheville, NC, US)
(Courtenay, Canada)
(San Jose, CA, US)
(Corvallis, OR, US)
TS of Richmond, Indiana
(Richmond, IN, US)
Meadow Vista TS
(Meadow Vista, CA, US)
(Westhampton Beach, NY, US)
(Sonora, CA, US)
Lehigh Valley TC
(Whitehall, PA, US)
Reflections TS of Christchurch
(Christchurch, New Zealand)
(North Fork, CA, US)
(Calgary, Canada)
TC of West Wales
(Llangolman, United Kingdom)
Hospicare TC
(Ithaca, NY, US)
(Salem, OR, US)
(Harrisonburg, VA, US)


(Port Angeles, WA, US)
(Ogden, UT, US)
(Rochester, NY, US)
(Saskatoon, Canada)
Grand Valley TS
(Grand Junction, CO, US)
(Auckland, New Zealand)
Chilkat Valley TC
(Haines, AK, US)
(Grass Valley, CA, US)
(New Orleans, LA, US)
(Great Barrington, MA, US)
(Sycamore, IL, US)
Alpine Voices TC
(Canmore, Canada)
(Danville, IN, US)
(Victorville, CA, US)


Dallas By Your Side Singers
(Dallas, TX, US)
(San Luis Obispo, CA, US)
(Ridgway, CO, US)
(Bainbridge, WA, US)
(Adelaide, Australia)
(London ENG, United Kingdom)


(Sandpoint, ID, US)
(Tacoma, WA, US)
(Rockville, MD, US)
(Myrtle Beach, SC, US)
(Menomonie, WI, US)
(Grand Rapids, MI, US)
(Beaufort, SC, US)


Pathways Comfort Singers
(Chesterfield, MO, US)
(Melbourne, Australia)
Brisbane TC
(Brisbane, Australia)
TC of the Palouse
(Pullman, WA, US)
(Cleveland, OH, US)
(Tallahassee, FL, US)
(Boulder, CO, US)
(Arcata, CA, US)
(Erie, PA, US)
(Los Angeles, CA, US)
Bowen Threshold Singers
(Bowen island, Canada)
(Philadelphia, PA, US)
(Bakersfield, CA, US)
(Washington, DC, US)


(Sacramento, CA, US)
(Boulder, CO, US)
(Longview, WA, US)
(Phoenix, AZ, US)
(Burr Ridge, IL, US)
(Napa, CA, US)
(Placerville, CA, US)
(Walnut Creek, CA, US)
(Seattle, WA, US)
(Bloomington, IN, US)


(Lawrence, KS, US)
(Eugene, OR, US)
(Kensington, CA, US)
(Pacific Grove, CA, US)
(Indianapolis, IN, US)


(Flagstaff, AZ, US)
(Denver, CO, US)
(Atlanta, GA, US)
(Kirkland, WA, US)
(Mt. Prospect, IL, US)
HeartSongs TC of Stanwood/Camano
(Stanwood, WA, US)


(Wheaton, IL, US)
(Portland, OR, US)
(Grand Rapids, MN, US)
(Madison, WI, US)
(Sechelt, Canada)
(Vancouver, Canada)
(Colorado Springs, CO, US)
Greater Hartford TC
(West Simsbury, CT, US)
(Swampscott, MA, US)
(Sterling Heights, MI, US)
(Chapel Hill/Durham, NC, US)
(Austin, TX, US)
(Port Townsend, WA, US)
(Whidbey Island, WA, US)
(Eau Claire, WI, US)


(Katoomba, Australia)
(Albuquerque, NM, US)
(Montara, CA, US)


(Pittsburgh, PA, US)
(Toledo, OH, US)
(Napa, CA, US)
(Ann Arbor, MI, US)
(New York City, NY, US)
(Tucson, AZ, US)
(Carlsbad, CA, US)
(Westminster, CA, US)
(Littleton, MA, US)
(Yellow Springs, OH, US)
(Charlottesville, VA, US)
(Bellingham, WA, US)


(Taos, NM, US)


(Cincinnati, OH, US)
Aromas TC
(Aromas, CA, US)
(Davis, CA, US)
(Glen Ellen/Sonoma, CA, US)
(Santa Barbara, CA, US)
(Vashon, WA, US)


(Palo Alto, CA, US)
(Santa Cruz, CA, US)
(Santa Rosa, CA, US)


(San Rafael, CA, US)
(San Francisco, CA, US)